Alternatively you can download the installer script here or follow our manual installation guide.

The installer does the following:

  • installs latest stable SinusBot release
  • installs latest compatible TeamSpeak3 Client
  • installs necessary dependencies/packages
  • creates seperate sinusbot system user
  • installs youtube-dl (optional)
  • adds cronjob that updates youtube-dl daily
  • generates systemd file
    • Start SinusBot with systemctl start sinusbot
    • Stop SinusBot with systemctl stop sinusbot
  • starts sinusbot after installation
  • allows you to update or remove the SinusBot


Make sure that your OS (Operating System) is up-to-date. We recommend recent LTS releases such as Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 10 (buster).
Minimal reqired versions: Debian 8+, CentOS 7+, Ubuntu 16.10+.

Note: The TeamSpeak Client 3.3+ requires at least a Linux Kernel of version 3.17 or higher!
You can check your Linux Kernel version with uname -r.

The server should have at least 512MB or 1GB of free RAM. Although the SinusBot itself doesn't require much RAM, the TeamSpeak Client(s) and Scripts often take up the most memory. You should also make sure that the server has enough free disk space to fit your needs.

Live Demo