Installing youtube-dl

The bot can use youtube-dl to download media files from several supported websites.


The bot should detect it automatically and commands like !yt, !ytdl, etc. should be available.


If you face an issue, make sure you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed.

You should also try updating youtube-dl by re-downloading it as described above.


Run the following commands but make sure to adjust the path to match your SinusBot installation:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python
cd /opt/sinusbot/
curl -L -O
chmod a+rx youtube-dl
chown sinusbot:sinusbot youtube-dl

Afterwards set YoutubeDLPath = "/opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl" in your config.ini and restart the SinusBot.

Automatic updates

If you want youtube-dl to be updated automatically you can add a cronjob that does this by executing:

echo "0 0 * * * sinusbot /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U --restrict-filename >/dev/null" > /etc/cron.d/ytdl


Always make sure that you are using the latest version of youtube-dl. You can upgrade it by running /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U (adjust to your own path) - assuming the user you run this with has write permissions.

You should also try manually downloading something with youtube-dl via the command line before reporting a bug. You can do that with /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl <mediaurl> (the sinusbot usually passes the following flags: -i --no-playlist --no-call-home -J -x <mediaurl>).

Make sure that the YoutubeDLPath in your config.ini is set to the correct path as described above.

Try downloading something in your SinusBot web-interface on the "Upload" page and check what it shows in the list. "youtube-dl unavailable" indicates that youtube-dl is not installed correctly; In that case reinstall it as shown above.

Signature extraction failed

  • Try updating youtube-dl: /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U

Download Failed

  • Try updating youtube-dl: /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U

invalid character 'W' looking for beginning of value

  • Try updating youtube-dl: /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U

HTTP error 429: Too many requests

Create the file /etc/youtube-dl.conf with the content --force-ipv4 and then try again.
You can do this easily with the following command: echo "--force-ipv4" >> /etc/youtube-dl.conf

If you still receive this error afterwards:

This is neither a bug in youtube-dl nor the SinusBot. This error means that YouTube is limiting your IP-address.
Unfortunately there is nothing else that you could do other than trying to force IPv4 (as described above) or trying to use a different IP-address.

Note: youtube-dl has network options such as --source-address <ip> to select the correct ip-address in case your server has more than one and --proxy <url> that you can use to route requests over another server with a http(s)/socks proxy, however we will not help you with configuring this as it has nothing to do with the SinusBot itself.