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Localize the SinusBot🔗

Before you begin you may check the resources if there already exists a translation. \ Is there an outdated translation and the author does not answer your request? Report the translation on the forums.

Just follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a folder called data/locales within in your SinusBot directory
  • Create a new file called ru.json (if you want to create a Russian translation for example) with the following contents: {"__name": "Russian", "__code": "ru-RU"}
  • Open up the web-interface of the bot and navigate to your personal settings
  • Choose Russian as your language
  • Then click on "edit" behind the language selection
  • Fill all the text boxes next to the phrases you would like to translate
  • Hit "Export" at the bottom of the page
  • Copy the contents of the export box to your ru.json
  • Done.

The translation interface will highlight untranslated content in yellow and phrases that have not been saved yet in violet.

We're giving out extended licenses and access to pre-releases to everyone who contributes a lot or even maintains a translation. ;-)