1. Download and install the latest 64-Bit TeamSpeak 3 Client for Windows.

  2. Download the SinusBot for Windows and start it.

Be sure that "TeamSpeak 3 Support" is checked, as shown in the following picture:

Windows Installer Screenshot

If the option is not available then the installer could not find a compatible TeamSpeak Client (see step 1). If you continue installation without this checkbox enabled the SinusBot will only be able to connect to Discord.

I can only connect the SinusBot to Discord, how can I fix it?

As mentioned above: "TeamSpeak 3 Support" needs to be enabled when installing the SinusBot. To fix this you need to:

  1. Delete the SinusBot
  2. Uninstall old or otherwise uncompatible TeamSpeak Clients.
  3. Install a compatible (latest version, 64-Bit) TeamSpeak Client
  4. Reinstall the SinusBot as described above

If that's still not working then make sure to uninstall any old and 32-Bit TeamSpeak Clients and reinstall the latest 64-Bit TeamSpeak Client in the default location.