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How to increase TeamSpeak security level🔗

Open your SinusBot web-interface and go to: Settings ⇒ Instance Settings

Instance Settings

Click in the text filed labeled "Identity", Select All Ctrl+A, Copy Ctrl+C

Identity text field

Open a text editor such as notepad and insert the following:

id=SinusBot Identity 

Replace <IDENTITY_STRING> with the identity string you copied (ends with an =).

Save the file as sinusbot_identity.ini Ctrl+S (select "All Files") on your desktop and close the editor.

Notepad Save Dialog

Start your TeamSpeak client and open the "Identities" menu Ctrl+I

TS3 Client Identities Menu

Right-click in the "Local Identities" field and select "Import".

Context-menu: Import

Select the previously created file sinusbot_identity.ini.

Import: Open File Dialog

Click on "Go Advanced" if you are still in the "Basic" mode.

Go Advanced

Click on "Improve", then enter your "Requested Security Level" and click on "Start".


When finished click "Close" and then right-click in the SinusBot Identity and select "Export".



Overwrite the previously created file sinusbot_identity.ini.

Save Dialog

Open the file again and copy the new identity string (ends with an =).

Copy identity string

Stop your SinusBot instance (the button at the top should be orange/red).

Stop Button

Delete the old identity string Ctrl+A Del and insert the new one Ctrl+V.

Identity String

Now click on "Save changes" to apply your changes. If you followed these steps correctly the new security level will appear.


Now you can start your SinusBot instance again.