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How can I playback audio from 3rd party sites?🔗

You can install youtube-dl to playback URLs from every source youtube-dl supports. However, there will be no support for youtube-dl related issues.

Some websites don't allow downloading, so make sure you don't use the bot for those sites.

How does Text-to-Speech (TTS) work? I need an URL for that!🔗

Search the forums for some URLs you can use with the bot. Also, see this page for more information.

Can I download whole playlists from YouTube?🔗

Yes, you can. This requires installing youtube-dl. When creating a new playlist click "Show advanced options", then you have the option to enter a URL from which the playlist will be fetched.

I want to integrate the bot into my website / remote control the bot via script. How can I do that?🔗

The API documentation of the Bot can be found here. Samples and libraries can be found in the 3rd party forums.

How can guests control the bot?🔗

Create a bot user account in your web-interface, edit it afterwards and bind it to the server group ID -1 (this will match everyone). Then set the privileges you want the guests to have. The web-interface will however always require a login.